The 4-week program that empowers you to teach your child to learn to eat new foods, including vegetables, at their own pace and gives you mealtime peace in the process.


Next Session: Date TBD April/May 2020

After helping thousands of moms and dads get their kids eating more veggies and helping my boys through their eating challenges, I've developed a process that works for...

  • Moms and dads who have a picky child who won't eat many foods, let alone "healthy foods"

  • Moms and dads tired of all the mealtime battles and frustrated with trying so many strategies that are leaving them feeling defeated

  • Moms and dads who are exhausted from making multiple meals and being short order cooks, and know they want to make one meal. And...

  • Moms and dads, who despite having a difficult time with feeding their child, know that teaching their child to eat more foods is so important to them, and they are super motivated to learn new strategies and make progress with their child...

The result is my 4-week program that provides...


The easy-to-understand, 4-part BetterBites Framework that gives you a step-by-step method for teaching your child how to eat new foods, and better yet, taking your stress levels down a notch or ten.

Here is


In a 4-Week Program

Step 1


Through these modules you'll create a foundation for teaching your child to eat more foods. It actually starts with freedom from food battles. 


The main reason you may be feeling defeated about mealtimes is because there's some confusion about who's doing what and the mealtime structure. Plus there is a ton of anxiety at mealtime that is making it harder for everyone to eat.


By the time you're finished with Step 1, you'll be confident in your mealtime structure and everyone's anxiety will be way down. This sets the stage for teaching your little one to eat new foods.


Here's how you'll get there:

  • Learn How to Use No Pressure Mealtimes:

    Before you can reduce your stress or get your child eating new foods, you'll need to ditch the pressure. We'll learn how to live no pressure mealtimes without caving to tantrums. All with the goal of better eating!

  • Embrace Your Role as the Parent:

    You'll start deciding where meals are served, what foods are served, and when they are served. I'll teach you step-by-step, how to start a meal routine, how to cook one meal instead of multiple meals, and how to get your child to eat at the table.  

  • Watch Your Child Listen to Their Body:

    Teaching your child to listen to their body is so important for teaching them to eat more foods! You'll start letting your child decide whether to eat and how much food they will eat. I'll teach you why this is important and how to do it without losing your authority as the parent.

Step 2


This is where the magic happens! After you let go of mealtime stress, suddenly you have more energy and drive to start teaching your little one to start trying more foods.


Kids can learn to eat new foods! These modules are all about how-to's. How to take a kid who won't even LOOK at a vegetable, to being able to touch it and taste it. In this step you learn how to take the things you already do with your child - play, read, sing, run errands, eat, talk - and use these to teach them to eat veggies and new foods. All these strategies fit into my...


3 P's of Food Exposure:

  • How to Include PLENTY of Food Exposure for More Eating:

    You'll learn how to make sure your child is getting plenty of positive food exposure - because exposure works! 

  • Use PLAY to Get Closer to Veggie Eating:

    Play is the magic sauce in this course. What kid doesn't want to play? You'll learn all the ways you can turn play into more veggie eating. They are already playing, why not leverage it for better eating too?

  • Learn Insider PROGRESSION Techniques:

    I"ll teach you things only registered dietitians, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists know how to do! You'll get the how to's for food bridging and how to create food chains for your child. These are the top techniques for getting extremely picky eaters on the road to eating more foods.

Step 3


You're doing great! Now you're feeling better and you're starting your little one on the road to eating more foods! 


Here's where you'll make sure you know what your little one needs to grow and thrive physically! We'll also use these modules to talk about the real world and how to feel confident when your kids are at birthday parties, events, and other social situations.


Here's how you'll get there:

  • Real World Nutrition Recommendations for Children

    Why real world? Because maybe you don't want to spend the entire day cooking. You'll learn the important things to keep in mind when feeding your child to make sure they get everything they need to thrive.

  • Manage "Play Food" With Confidence

    Birthday parties, holidays, and events happen! You'll learn how to talk to your child about all different types of foods and strategies for taking dessert off the pedestal. 

  • Decide if Supplements Are Right for Your Child:

    You'll learn when supplements are helpful and when they aren't so that you can be confident about whether or not you'd like to use them. Plus, you'll get recommendations for brands and sources for purchasing supplements if you choose to do so.

Step 4


Now you're ready to put it all together! Meal planning, shopping, and cooking are all part of the daily grind. It can be hard to balance spending a lot of time on food and other things in life. Life is busy, and also feeding kids is so important. Plus, you will have made gains with your child by this point, and the FOODING step is where you maintain or lose those gains.


This module is about finding a method that works for you. By the end of this step, you will have created goals that are doable for YOU, using all the hacks and tricks to save time.


Here's how you'll get there:

  • Learn My Meal Planning Shortcuts:

    Yes, meal planning can take a lot of time. It doesn't have to though! We go over some favorite "short cuts" to reduce the amount of mental effort it takes you to plan meals.

  • Use Variety Hacks to Keep Your Picky Eater Improvements:

    Picky eaters thrive on things being the same. So, to help your child move beyond picky eating, maintaining variety is essential. You'll learn little hacks to add variety without adding a ton of time to your cooking routine.

  • Cook One Meal for Your Whole Family (babies to adults):

    Use the best cooking methods to be able to serve your entire family the same meal without having to spend hours making a meal. You'll feel so relieved after you've simplified your cooking processes.

Plus these


to make better eating happen in your family


Four 60-minute Group Q&A's with Jennifer Anderson, MSPH, RDN

As soon as you finish the modules each week,  you will get to submit questions. Jennifer will hold 1 Q&A each week and the recording will be posted for everyone. If there is time, participants on the live call can ask follow up questions.


What You Get:

  • 4 opportunities to ask questions about program material, as long as modules are finished on time.

  • The option to watch the Q&A recorded or live, depending on your schedule.


Private BetterBites Facebook Group

Did you know that when you join BetterBites, you're also joining a community of moms and dads who are also working on their kids eating more veggies and foods? 


What you get:

  • Permanent access.

  • Exchange ideas with other parents to benefit from everyone's creativity.

  • Ask questions of other parents who have been and are going through the program.

  • Know that you're part of a community of moms and dads doing their best and working on improving their kids' eating.

  • Post your food play ideas and learn from other parents' creativity with food play.


Weekly Food Play e-Plans

Food play is what's going to move your child along the path from not eating a food to eating a food. You don't have to become a food play expert though! I take all the guess work out of it. Plus, I help you find ways to do activities as part of what you are already doing.


What You Get:

  • 4 Food Play e-Plan downloads designed to help you move your child along the path to eating a new food by doing an activity every day.

  • Customizable features to make it work for you and where your child is at right now.


Play With Your Food: 101 Food Activities for Children (e-Guide)

Your new best friend! An e-guide with over 100 food activities. You can find exactly what you need to implement the BetterBites strategies with your child! You can use these activities to customize your Weekly Food Play Plan. Plus, you'll use this as a reference for years to come! There are activities for ages through elementary school.


What you get:

  • A long-term electronic reference for using Food Play to encourage your child to be an excellent eater for years to come.

  • The opportunity to submit your own ideas for possible inclusion in the guide!


Customizable Shopping List & Menu Planner

You'll get my very own shopping list and menu planner, but you'll be able to make changes and make it your own! This will save you countless hours and mental energy on meal planning and shopping.


What You Get:

  • Source file for customizing your own shopping list to make it work for YOU.


Better Bridges: The Ultimate Guide to Food Lists for Food Chains (e-guide)

Food chaining is a key part of this program, and likely the key to getting extremely picky eaters to start to branch out and try new foods. This guide includes extensive lists by organized by sensory qualities that will help you find the right foods to put into your food chain and will take a lot of the mental effort off your shoulders.


What you get:

  • A long-term reference for help your child learn to eat new foods at their own pace.

  • A chance to submit your ideas for possible inclusion in the guide!



With so much going on with little kids it can be hard to focus on one thing! I'm here to make that easier for you! Each week you'll complete program modules and a check-in to unlock your program bonuses and the next week's materials!


What You Get:

  • Quick weekly survey check-ins to document your effort. 

  • You'll unlock your weekly bonuses and the next week's materials when you complete the check-in!


Post-Assessment Bonus Pack

As soon as you finish your program post-assessment, you'll unlock all your end-of-program bonuses!


What you get:

  • You'll be entered into a raffle for a $100 Amazon gift card to buy fun feeding supplies.

  • 1-Week Sample Meal Plan (download).

  • Phrase Swaps cheat sheet - how to replace unhelpful phrases with more helpful phrases when it comes to eating.

  • Child Nutrition Reference Sheets (e-Book) - basic nutrition guidance for what to do when your child has diarrhea, vomiting, fever, anemia, constipation, or needs to gain weight.

The BetterBites

Step-By-Step Program


Permanent access to 4 Weeks of bite-sized BetterBites modules. 

Next Session: April/May 2020

  • Put Your Child on the Road to Eating More Foods, Including Veggies

    Imagine watching your child touching something that used to make them scream. And then actually tasting it - and after a while actually eating the food. Let me walk you through all the steps that kids need to go through so that you can walk your child through the process.

  • Get Relief from Mealtime Stress

    Learn some hands on strategies for dealing with mealtimes so that you can keep your cool. Just imagine enjoying mealtime with your little one. After learning how to implement your jobs as a parent (when, what, and where meals are served) and how to let your child decide how much and whether to eat, you will be feeling so much more confident about mealtime.

  • Know What Your Child Needs to Thrive and Make Your Simplified Meal Plan

    You can learn to simplify how you think about meals so that your child is getting everything he or she needs and also is simple for you to keep track of. Plus, making just one meal for the family is always a game changer.



Plus, these incredible bonuses:

  • 4 Group Q&A's with Jennifer Anderson, MSPH, RDN 

    After you complete each series of modules, you will be able to submit your questions for the Q&A. Jennifer will do a recorded Q&A up to 60 minutes. Members will have the option of attending live if it works for their schedule. Live follow-up questions will be allowed if there is time.

  • Private BetterBites Facebook Group

    Access to the private community of parents who are working on getting their little ones to eat more foods and veggies, where you'll be able to ask questions to other parents and get support by parents with the same goal.

  • Weekly Food Play Plans 

    4 weekly food play plans that give you a game plan for moving your child from "I'm not gonna look at it" to "Can I have a bite of that?" They are fully customizable so that you can do what is working for your child right now.

  • Play with Your Food: 101 Food Activities for Children 

    The most comprehensive guide of food activities to do with children that exists! You'll get it and it will be a guide for you for years to come.

  • Customizable Shopping List Template 

    Your secret to making meal planning and shopping that much easier. You'll get the template for my shopping list and meal planner that is fully customizable to your needs and what your family eats.

  • Better Bridges: The Ultimate Guide to Food Lists for Food Chains 

    A guide to make food chaining easier for you - with dozens of food lists organized by sensory qualities. This is a long term reference for expanding the number of foods your child will eat.

  • Accountability 

    I know it's hard to stay focused with little ones! Being a busy mom myself, I know the value of accountability and knowing someone is reading my results. So after you finish the modules you get to fill out a check-in survey, which unlocks your materials and bonuses for the next week!

  • Post-Assessment Bonus Pack 

    After you complete the post-assessment it's BetterBites "Christmas" where you get entered into a raffle for a $100 Amazon gift card for cute feeding supplies, and you get your Phrase Swaps cheat sheet, Child Nutrition reference guide, and 1-week sample meal plan created with Thriving principles.

On the inside...

What Moms are Saying...


"I think just knowing I am doing a good job, and that there is no pressure in forcing my son to eat, are my favorite successes, even more than the fact that my son ate broccoli once (out of all the exposures haha)."













"[My favorite BetterBites success was] my boy eating broccoli like candy and going crazy in the store wanting to buy broccoli - I love it!


Most of all I am really happy that I joined this class because now I see how my husband and I were headed in a wrong direction (pressure to eat, comments on eating, etc.) and I feel like we stopped just in time to make our kids happy eaters."








"I have had many small successes, and I've been so grateful for this class. For example, my son will rarely eat anywhere outside of the house except for McDonalds which has been a nightmare for me.


I've started bringing him other places without a packed lunch/dinner and he has been able to find something on the menus.


We are food chaining from nuggets to chicken breasts and he's so close, and eating a variety of chicken strips. It's going so well. He's trying more foods and he's eating more at meal times. This has changed our lives! Thank you!"

As a mom of two picky eaters I can't recommend enough the BetterBites Picky Eaters class.  I gained many tools that are helping me gain back my sanity and slowly but surely help my boys eat a better variety of foods.  Meal time stress has significantly decreased thanks to Jennifer's systems for deciding who is control of what.  I feel a lot less pressure about what and when to serve my kids.  I have a plan I can implement. 


Especially helpful are the activities to help increase food exposures for my kids.  Since starting the program my son who had fallen down on the growth height chart has been sitting longer for meals, eating more food and trying a larger variety of foods.  I am so happy I decided to take this class.


I started following Jennifer on Instagram this summer and immediately loved her colorful, educational posts.  Each day I’d look forward to her Story because I knew I’d both laugh and learn. When she offered the initial Better Bites program, I knew I wanted to join.  ((Even though my toddler is a decent eater, I knew I would learn valuable information to help me provide for his nutritional needs.))


What I suspected was entirely true - I learned a ton!  Jennifer presented relevant, research-based information each week in an easy to digest manner that truly taught me a lot about how to feed my son.  The format - weekly survey, slide show notes, and meaningful activities, combined with the video conference call - was fantastic. It was the perfect combination to allow reflection at home with face to face question-asking on the call.  As a result of participating, I know how to increase variety in our diet, what supplements may be beneficial, and how to meal plan to save time. Especially helpful have been the sample week-long meal plan chart and the shopping list. ((These are essential for this working mama to manage the week!)) 


I’m so grateful to have found Jennifer and I recommend Better Bites to anyone who wants to learn how to provide healthy meals to your family.


You're Backed By My 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're still wondering if this will actually work for you and your family...


Don't worry! I want to give you the peace of mind that you can experience less mealtime stress and all the tools to get your child on the road to eating veggies. And I give you the full span of the program to put the program into place and decide whether it's working for you.


Click here for all the details.

Here's why joining BetterBites TODAY is a good idea

This is a LIVE program, which gives you so much more power to make changes at home. It also means it's not always available. Trade offs, ya know.


Next, I know you know early childhood is a key period when it comes to nutrition. That means, what kids eat really does matter. It fuels rapid growth and helps kids grow "big and strong."  It also plays a role in their lifelong food preferences. It's amazing how we can have such a huge impact on kids with what we help them learn to eat at an early age. 


The sooner we start helping kids overcome their picky eating, the better for them and us! I don't want you to suffer mealtime stress and food battles anymore. Plus, once your stress levels come down a bit, you will have more energy to help your little one learn to try new foods at their own pace.


I want to give you the tools now, so that you can handle every stage of eating with your little one, and help them learn to eat the foods that are so important. I also want to give you CONFIDENCE to help relieve you of the mom guilt and mealtime stress that so easily takes over our lives sometimes. 


I believe in you!




    Answering Your Questions

    What BetterBites Moms Asked

    Before They Became BetterBites Moms

    When does the program start?

    Is weaning covered?

    My child has autism, sensory processing disorder, ARFID, or another feeding challenge, can BetterBites help?

    My partner isn’t onboard with changing mealtime stuff.

    I've tried to get my kid to eat things before and it just didn't work.

    How much time will BetterBites take? My life is so hectic right now between diapers, working, cooking, and trying to get some sleep.

    What age is this information for?

    Are there meal plans & recipes?

    Does BetterBites replace feeding therapy?