Food Play Every Day

102 Activities for Picky Kids

Beta eGuide

(Only available through quarantine)


$18 one-time beta price

  • 102 food activities for kids ages 1-10 (with modification recommendations for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kids age 5+)


  • Activities for looking, touching, smelling, licking, and tasting 


  • Recommendations for novel tools to engage kids


  • You can find an activity for every day - super simple activities and activities that require more planning


  • Every beta purchase will automatically receive the final version when it releases within a year


  • A portion of all beta sales will be donated to local area schools in Maryland and nationwide hunger relief efforts.

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When life gives you lemons, have your kids play with them until they eat them...


Your kiddo is kinda "picky" and you wish they would just try something! You may have heard that daily food play can help so much with picky eating, but you're not sure where to start. 


Plus, maybe you're like me and were just gifted 2-4 extra weeks of time with your kiddos...and you're wondering how you're going to keep them busy before school starts back up. 


Enter the most comprehensive collection of food activities available. This beta eGuide is full of evidence-based food activities, parent genius, and kids' creativity. You'll have all the activities you need to get your child on the road to eating better! 


I've been planning on polishing this up, adding more ideas, doing some graphic design, etc. but with the Kids Eat in Color LIVE event being canceled, I'm offering this instead. And a portion of proceeds are still going to local area schools!   


You'll get 102 food activities with modifications by age - babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and age 5+. Plus, you'll get my top recommendations for novel tools to introduce foods to kids. 


Until now this eGuide has been used exclusively by hundreds of families in my BetterBites program, but now you can get in on the fun too. I'm offering the beta version until April 10th or until schools go back. Then it will be unavailable again until the final version releases - at a much later date and much higher price. 


I hope that you'll join me doing #FoodPlayEveryDay for the next month!


Hi, I'm Jennifer


I'm a wife, mom of 2 exciting boys, registered dietitian nutritionist, and cheerleader to hundreds of thousands of moms and dads feeding kids.

When I was a new mom, I learned that feeding kids is sometimes tricky. My first kid fell off the growth chart and I learned how much effort can go into feeding a child.​

Turns out feeding kids can be super stressful!

At the same time, I've learned to remind myself that I'm a great mom, regardless of whether my kids eat their veggies (or whatever food) today. If I focus on small improvements and little changes, big things can happen in the food department.

I am so excited to be here helping you do the same.