The online program for parents who want their picky kids to eat more foods with less stress.

You could keep on fighting them to just take one bite.

You could keep getting up from the table to make them their own meal, wondering when you signed up to be a short order cook.


You could keep having battles over how many bites,

that leave you feeling defeated.


You could keep watching them drop more and more foods off their list,

with no idea of how to add them back on,


still hoping they will miraculously try a new food...just once.


Or, you can learn about your child and become a parent who is confident about how to feed an extremely picky child, and help your child learn to try new foods.


Introducing BetterBites


The online program that teaches you how to help your picky child learn to eat new foods at their own pace AND reduce your own stress in the process.


The next enrollment will begin in November 2021.

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Who is it for?




What You'll Learn...

Step 1

Understand your child and why they are picky. Then give your child the right tools for their body.

  • Why the cause of picky eating matters and how you can tell what is causing your child's picky eating.


  • Let go of the guilt for what your child is eating and learn a new way of approaching meal time. 


  • The one thing you can give your child at mealtime that can transform their ability to eat. 


  • When you're feeding a picky eater, you often do whatever it takes to get them to eat...something. Which makes sense, but is the quickest way to enable your child's picky eating and make it worse.


  • I'll teach you the parenting style that will give your picky eater the chance they need to learn to eat more foods at their own pace. 


We have been struggling with our 3-year-old and his intense picky eating for a long time. 


Meal time was stressful, and it was hard to find foods that he would eat. He had his huge tonsils and adenoids removed six months ago, and I suspected that they had been contributing to his picky eating, but after starting the BetterBites program, I was relieved to understand more about why his behavior with mealtime was what it was.


The BetterBites program has removed the stress from mealtime. The BetterBites approach to eating is one that all families should use, whether there is a selective eater or not!

Leah Young

Mom of a 3-year-old

Step 2

End food battles with your child before they start. Transform meal times into something you look forward to.

  • Finally feel confident about how much your child eats and learn what's normal and what's not.


  • Teach your child to sit at the table and watch how that helps everything.


  • The "rescue snack" - feeding a child something right after a meal they didn't eat - is one of the most common reasons picky eaters stay picky...


  • You'll learn the policy that will give you and your child peace of mind about how much they ate at mealtime and what to give afterward.


  • Feeding your child whenever they are willing to take a bite is common, but you may be undermining your own goal of getting your child to eat more foods. Learn the meal and snack structure that solves this problem and how to make it happen in your home.


The BetterBites program has been a real game changer for our family. 


I was going through a real tough time during meals for my 3-year-old when a friend shared this free video call about picky eating. I signed up for the program that night and the first class was so eye opening!


Learning how to do meal times instantly took the stress out of dinner. 


We definitely still have our ups and downs, but we've made so much progress over the last six months.


My daughter went from crying at the thought of all vegetables other than carrots, to adding in bell pepper sticks on the regular and picking out her own vegetables to try from the grocery store.

Amanda Albright

Mom of a 3-year-old

Step 3

Serve one family meal to help your child overcome picky eating and relieve your stress of making multiple meals.

  • It seems that when you have a picky eater in the family, you have to make multiple meals, but serving different meals to different family members may be making picky eating worse.


  • Learn to use the BetterBites Plate, a tool that has enabled hundreds of families to serve one meal to their family that has a picky eater.


  • Is your child getting everything they need to thrive? Learn how to find out if they need extra support or if their diet is adequate now.


  • Your child may be only eating a small number of foods. If you continue to just serve them that small number of foods, the list isn't going to grow.


  • I'll teach you the lifestyle change that will begin to change their mindset, your mindset, and their ability to grow into a more varied diet.


I took BetterBites in October 2019 and started implementing a lot of the strategies, but the most important one was making one meal for our family.


It took a lot of will power to not give into my toddler's demands for chicken nuggets for every dinner but as he soon realized that we were all having the same meal, which was not going to be nuggets, he slowly and surely started to join in, one bite at a time.


There is peace during dinner time, and I'm slowly introducing him to more and more food items, adding to his comfort food list.

Holly Chu Swyers

Parent of a toddler

Step 4

Help your child try a new food so that they can learn to eat a more varied diet at their own pace and thrive.

  • Learn the most fun technique that you will use to teach your child to become comfortable with new foods.


  • Your child only eats 5 foods and is very resistant to trying new foods. You feel clueless about how to get your child eating more foods so that they can get what they need.


  • You'll learn the technique that moves the needle on picky eating faster than any other techniques for getting a child to add foods into their diet.


  • You'll learn tweaks to what you serve and how you serve it to expand the number of foods your child will eat as they are ready.


  • Finally create a plan that is doable for you and that will keep expanding your child's diet slowly as they are ready.


BetterBites took my picky eater (nine years old) with sensory issues from eating about ten foods to eating a variety of about 30 foods. We have been implementing the advanced methods Jennifer shares in her program for about 4 months now. I have not consistently done it so our results probably would have been even better if I did it more consistently.


We used her method to bring my child from eating spaghetti noodles with ground meat sauce or plain sauce to eating chickpea fusilli pasta with lentils in the sauce. We also used it to successfully go from chocolate sauce to almond butter, chips to nuts, Mac and cheese to pasta salad, chicken nuggets to tofu, chicken nuggets to plain chicken breast, pop corn to corn, toast to waffles and many many other combos.


It’s been awesome to watch and I feel it has helped us in ways that I couldn’t put a price on. The cost is by far the best investment I’ve made in the last couple years. We’ve tried for many years to get him eating more variety and many programs and methodologies!


The BetterBites program by far has been the most successful at making the new foods stick long term. We also do not have meltdowns or tears anymore at the sight of new foods. No hyperventilating at the table because he is disgusted my the food in front of him. Our meal times went from all of us dreading meals to engaging in happy family meals! I cannot express in words how life changing it has been.


Sara Lewis

Mom of a 9-year-old

Don't keep forcing 3 more bites. 

Learn to teach them to choose their own bites.

What's Included in BetterBites

The BetterBites is a 4-week program up to 14 weeks (or more) depending on whether you are a go-getter or want to take it slow and steady. Each week of materials includes videos, food play activities, and optional workbook activities to build your skills.


The next BetterBites program begins November 2021

  • Program Content

    28+ modules delivered via online platform and released as you complete each module. Work at your own pace, and with the structure and support of the program to keep you moving forward. Families choose their pace from 4 weeks to 14+ weeks.

  • Step-by-Step Workbook

    After each module you have the opportunity to reflect, make a plan, or assess your child. You'll get step-by-step instructions for implementing the program content through templates and charts. 

  • Community 

    Get access to an understanding, experienced, and supportive community of parents via the private Facebook Group. In this space parents ask questions, get feedback, and share resources without judgement. These parents KNOW what you're going through!

  • Food Play Plans

    4 weekly Food Play Plans give you a game plan for moving your child from "I'm not gonna look at it" to "Can I have a bite of that?" They are fully customizable  for ages 0-10 so that you can do what is working for your child right now.

  • Email Support Series

    To keep you moving through the program, you will receive a series of 14+ emails that remind you what you need to do and give you pep talks when you need them. They are encouraging and supportive.

  • Permanent Access

    Once you go through the program you have permanent access to it. This means if something comes up (a'hem pandemic) or a partner needs more time, you have the time you need. If you don't have an issue now, but you do in the future, you can rewatch the module that can help you.

Here's what BetterBites grads are saying...


"Since starting the program, my son, who had fallen down on the growth height chart, has been sitting longer for meals, eating more food, and trying a larger variety of foods.


As a mom of two picky eaters I can't recommend enough the BetterBites program.  I gained many tools that are helping me gain back my sanity and slowly but surely help my boys eat a better variety of foods.  Meal time stress has significantly decreased thanks to Jennifer's systems for deciding who is control of what.  I feel a lot less pressure about what and when to serve my kids.  I have a plan I can implement." 


"I've started bringing him other places without a packed lunch/dinner and he has been able to find something on the menus. 


I have had many small successes, and I've been so grateful for this program. For example, my son would rarely eat anywhere outside of the house except for McDonalds which has been a nightmare for me. 


We've been working from nuggets to chicken breasts and he's so close, and eating a variety of chicken strips. It's going so well. He's trying more foods and he's eating more at mealtimes. This has changed our lives!"

R. S.

"I've become more confident about what and how I'm feeding my son and I no longer dread meal times! 


The BetterBites program provided my family with the guidance and creative strategy we needed to help improve mealtime for everyone. The behaviors in the BetterBites program have already started to help my son learn to like a few new foods."

Join Me

Enrollment is Opening November 2021


Join me now and learn to teach your child to eat new foods and experience meal time peace.


This session begins November 2021


Once you enroll you'll also get immediate access to begin working through modules right away.


And...Exclusive Bonuses for You

When you enroll, you'll get these juicy bonuses...

Play with Your Food: 101 Food Activities for Children (also called Food Play Every Day) [e-guide]

Your new best friend! An e-guide with over 100 food activities. You can find exactly what you need to implement the BetterBites strategies with your child! You can use these activities to customize your Weekly Food Play Plan. Plus, you'll use this as a reference for years to come! There are activities for ages through elementary school.


BetterBridges: The Ultimate Guide to Food Lists for Food Chains [e-guide]

Bridging is a key part of this program, and likely the key to getting extremely picky eaters to start to branch out and try new foods. This guide includes extensive lists by organized by sensory qualities that will help you find the right foods to put into your food chain and will take a lot of the mental effort off your shoulders.


Graduation Bonus!

The BetterBites Plate: 100 Deconstructable Meals for Families [e-Book]

As soon as you finish your program post-assessment, you'll unlock all your end-of-program bonuses! In addition to this guide with meal ideas and links to recipes that take away some meal planning burden, you'll get:

  • Child Nutrition Reference Sheets [e-Book] - basic nutrition guidance for what to do when your child has diarrhea, vomiting, fever, anemia, constipation, or needs to gain weight.

  • Phrase Swaps Cheat Sheet - how to replace unhelpful phrases with more helpful phrases when it comes to eating.


About Jennifer Anderson, Your BetterBites Leader

6 years ago I stood in a small exam room as my son's pediatrician told me that my son wasn't gaining weight as expected. I was a registered dietitian, but at that moment, my professional focus changed to helping kids eat what they need to thrive. It was good I did too, because my second little guy was selective and prone to picky eating. 


Now both my kids are thriving and eating a variety of foods (most days, at least). Most people assume my kids have always been "good eaters" but I know how hard I have worked for this.


It's true, I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and have a masters of science in public health. But what makes me different is that I live BetterBites every day. I know what works. That makes me your biggest asset and biggest cheerleader!


I know feeding kids is tricky. I show you how you can let go of meal time stress, and get your child eating new foods at their own pace. 

The answers to your questions

My child has autism. Is this program for me?

We have had families with children with autism in the program. Here is a note from a family with ASD level 1:


"When we started the program our son had a very limited number of foods he would eat. We just completed the BetterBites program had he now touches food, will TRY new foods, and he has eaten a new food. I am hopeful that we can add new foods to his list."

How much time does the program take?

The modules are 5-10 minutes each. I suggest doing 6-7 per week if you want to finish in 4 weeks, down to 2 modules per week if you'd like to finish in 14+ weeks. Optional workbook activities can take 10-20 minutes. I recommend daily food play activities that can be incorporated into normal activities you would be doing with your child, but can also take 15ish minutes per day. 


If you feel like you are extremely busy to your max and cannot add a single new thing to your plate right now, it's probably best to wait for another session. In order to change picky eating, you will need some time/energy to work on it.


This program is focused on doing things to bring change at home, so make sure you're in a place where you are ready to do things. 

Are there meal plans and recipes?

BetterBites is all about you teaching your child to eat the foods that are available to you. It does not use specific recipes, but instead teaches you to meet your child where they are at so that they can learn to branch out from there.


There is a new bonus guide that is part of the program The BetterBites Plate: 100 deconstructable meals for families, that provides meal ideas and links to recipes.

What if my partner is not onboard?

I encourage families to have all parents watch the modules. They are short, bite-sized, and very convenient to listen to or watch. 


BetterBites works best when parents both have a good understanding. Many modules can be implemented in small steps so that all parents can get onboard as they are ready. 


If one parent is adamantly against trying a no-pressure approach and insists on forcing bites with no room for trying other strategies ever, then this program isn't the best fit.

What ages is BetterBites for?

The program is designed for children ages 0-10. 


Parenting principles are taught that can be applied from weaning through older ages. Specifics about weaning - such as Baby Led Weaning or Puree-feeding - are not discussed in depth.


We have had several families succeed in the program with 11 and 12-year-olds as well.

Does BetterBites treat medical problems?

No, BetterBites does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. 

Does BetterBites replace feeding therapy?

Many families in BetterBites did not have much success with feeding therapy because they did not know what to do at home to help their child move forward.


Some families in BetterBites have done both BetterBites (to get a handle on their parenting and their home environment) and food therapy (because their child needed one-on-one physical interaction with a therapist).

BetterBites grads are saying...

Sometimes we all need a reset in how we approach an aspect of parenting. BetterBites is that. It has helped us reset our family eating culture, which lays the foundation for long term healthy eating habits.

~ Parent

[My favorite BetterBites success was] my boy eating broccoli like candy and going crazy in the store wanting to buy broccoli - I love it!


Most of all I am really happy that I joined this program because now I see how my husband and I were headed in a wrong direction (pressure to eat, comments on eating, etc.) and I feel like we stopped just in time to make our kids happy eaters.

~ Karina

I haven't made it that far through the modules yet, but I no longer feel like my son and I head into dinner like we're preparing for battle!

~ Parent

I have more confidence with helping my kids learn about food.

~ Parent

Mealtime is becoming less stressful each day.

~ Parent

I have noticed improvement in my picky girls already! My 2 year old would not touch beef of any kind, but in the last few weeks she has tried meatloaf and spaghetti sauce with meat and LOVED them both. I've had a number of wins with my picky 4 year old as well! We have a long way to go, but I'm confident we'll get there with the techniques you have taught me. My frustration at being a short order cook is gone and my kids are actually eating more. You have given me sanity and hope and I am so thankful!

~Karen H

I think just knowing I am doing a good job, and that there is no pressure in forcing my son to eat, are my favorite successes, even more than the fact that my son ate broccoli once (out of all the exposures haha).


I feel equipped with a plan, eliminating so many questions I had about this aspect of parenting.

~ Parent

I don’t judge myself anymore. I don’t call myself a bad mom. I don’t fight with my kids at meal time. My 6 year old says “I like the new meal time rules.” <— Totally worth every penny to hear that phrase come out of his mouth.

~ Parent

We have less yelling at the dinner table and happier family meal times now.

~ Parent

Kids are trying new foods and aren't anxious at meal times

~ Parent

Food talk and food play have become normal!

~ Parent

This course has shifted my goal from stressing as much over how much my kid eats "today" and "right now" to how my kid can learn to eat well *long term*.

~ Emma G

I have more confidence in the right feeding methods (a lot of this was intuitive for me) but this gave me techniques I hadn’t thought of and most importantly, my PARTNER bought in.

~ Parent

We are behind but will finish and we’ve seen great results already. C isn’t eating all The new foods yet but he will at least lick the foods and has a much more robust vocabulary to describe food rather than just yucky or disgusting. My daughter is back to her old self eating everything we put out. It’s great!

~ Parent

We’ve taken the stress out of meals (mostly!) and enforced defined meal and snack times which has my son asking for food and saying he’s hungry (he was previously a constant snacker and meals were a battle). The Better Bites plate has also encouraged me to be more creative with what I offer him and as a result he’s tried a few new foods which he had not done in a LONG time. 

~ Parent

I feel armed with tools and knowledge.

~ Parent

I've already seen my daughter eat a few new things and tolerate the presence of all food better

~ Parent

I found the program very thought out, appropriate ideas, and wonderful language to use to help my 4th child try new foods and make meal time less frustrating for us all!! 

~ Parent

Extremely picky eaters don't "grow out of it," they learn out of it - and you can teach them.

BetterBites Program

BetterBites Program modules


BetterBites Workbook 


Private BetterBites Facebook Group 


4 Weekly Food Play e-Plans


Supportive Email Series


Permanent Access


PLUS these 3 AMAZING bonuses


Bonus 1: Play with Your Food: 101 Food Activities for Children (e-Book) 


Bonus 2: Better Bridges: The Ultimate Guide to Food Lists for Food Chains (e-guide) 


Bonus 3: Graduation Bonus! The BetterBites Plate: 100 Deconstructable Meals for Families (e-Book)

Child Nutrition Reference Sheets (e-Book)

Phrase Swaps Cheat Sheet