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"You probably already have so many people saying the same thing. THANK YOU!!!!!
Your meal plan was already amazing! We have food sensitivities in our house and I do a lot of cooking/baking from scratch. I was going to take your menu and use it as a basic framework supplementing what we can not eat with other things or adjusting recipes as needed. But with the allergy guide most of that is done for me!! I also can already see us branching out and trying new food "tiger nuts and sorghum flour" to start with. This will definitely add more variety into our diet. THANK YOU SO MUCH this resource is gold in my very full days."


"I am so so happy with the Real Easy Weekdays purchase and so very thankful! We are in a rut. Things started to go downhill when I was pregnant with my second, because two under two is just hard haha. On top of it I'm not a cook by any means and I personally don't eat the greatest. I know I should but again - two under two, I'm lucky if I eat! Haha. My son is starting to prefer the convenient meals aka chicken nuggets and I feel like a failure. This is exactly what I needed to help introduce more foods and break the habits that I created. Thank you!!!"

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